πŸ’– Baby Boys First Birthday πŸ’–

Just a little over a year ago, I was blessed with the most precious little boy ever! For those of you that have read my pinned post you have a better understanding of why my baby is so very special to me. Let me tell you, this year has flown by so fast. You really don’t see your baby changing right in front of your eyes until you go back and see pictures from when they were first born.

We had his first birthday party at my parents house. We spent the day there, setting up and trying to get everything in place. David Jr. (Baby boy) was so excited with everything going on that he took a twenty minute nap. He normally sleeps for 1-1.5 hours each morning. Needless to say he was cranky by the time the party started. He was ok as long as he was able to play with the other kids that were there, but when it came to sitting down for his cake and presents he wasn’t having it. More on this in a little bit.

We had set up two different little pools, each with their own ball pit balls. A huge dragon floaty, and I do mean huge. A Tigger tunnel to crawl through. We set up a rainbow arch sprinkler in the backyard, fully equipped with a slip and slide under it. We had blow up pink flamingo hats for a ring toss.

It was a dinosaur party, and we had the cutest dinosaur tableware. We also had six huge dinosaur mylar balloons blown up. We attached 3 balloons to each anchor to hold them down. Unfortunately, one of the anchors broke and 3 of my baby’s dinosaur balloons flew away. We had a cute little personalized banner that read “Roar, David Jr. Is One” hanging off the canopy when you first come into the yard.

We had about 400 different little party favors so that we could make little bags for all the kids that came. We got drinks, soda & Huggies for the kids. We bought Little Caesars pizzas. We also got a half sheet cake, half chocolate, half white, with strawberry filling of course! Unfortunately the bakery didn’t have any cartoon dinosaur patterns, so we got the Jurassic Park themed cake. David Jr. got his very own 5″ cake all to himself.

The kids played for a while. They jumped in the dragon like it was a bounce house! The bigger kids played in the larger ball pit, while the smaller ones played in the “watermelon pool” ball pit. The bigger ball pit had 400 colorful translucent large balls, while the smaller pit had a mix of blue & while balls and pastel colored star shaped balls (totally unique). Then they wanted to play with the sprinkler. It was around eighty degrees out so that wasn’t a problem. My son isn’t walking yet so I brought him to the edge of the rainbow where a jet of water was spraying out. He loved it! He was so excited he was shaking and giggling. His daddy decided to take one for the team and run under the sprinkler while holding the baby. Little David was so happy being able to do it like the bigger kids! After going through twice, Daddy talked Mommy into going through with him. Let me tell you it was ice cold!! Anything for our child though.

Everyone ate pizza and some chicken wings. It was cake time! We bought the baby the cutest cake smash outfit. It was dinosaurs, a diaper cover, a bowtie, and suspenders! We brought his cake out with a #1 candle lit on top, everyone started singing, and our little boy decided it was shy time and started crying. We blew out his candle and set his cake down, and his hands went directly in it!! However, he was still somewhat miserable. I’ll tell you the power of a nap is no small deal. Grandma took the baby inside for a quick bath while me and his dad cut the cake, and served it with ice cream to everyone. When he came back out he had his regular birthday outfit on, which was a pair of shark shorts and a shirt that said “Birthday Shark, Do-Do-Do-Do-Do-Do”.

Present Time!! That should be exciting right? He was excited to rip off wrapping paper and seeing new toys, but to get him to let go of the new toys to open up more was harder than we planned. I honestly think he was just tired of sitting in the high chair and not being able to play with the other kids.

Once he was able to get down and play all was right in his little world. He played hard with all of them, trying to keep up as fast as his crawling would let him. After all the kids left and we started cleaning up we put him in the swing, five minutes later, he was OUT!

Mommy and Daddy were so happy with the way his party turned out. He was spoiled with all his presents, cards, clothes and money. Yet every time I look at him, it’s I who feels like I have been spoiled with such a beautiful baby boy, that God blessed me with.

Shop David Jr.’s Party

I was extremely blessed to be working with such great companies! Below you can shop my baby boys birthday party and have as much fun as we did.

The beautiful personalized birthday banner was made by Crimson by Emily on Etsy! She did an amazing job. You can check out all she has to offer at the link below! https://www.etsy.com/shop/CrimsonByEmily

My wonderful friend at SainSmartJr. supplied me with the rainbow arch, which she has now put on sale for my followers, (Normally $40, but get it for $29.99 here: Rainbow Arch Sprinkler

Istrion makes the cutest dinosaur party dinnerware ever! Each set is complete with 16 place settings: plates, dessert plates, cups, napkins & silverware. Get your set here – Dinosaur Party Supplies

I’ve been working with DreamBuilder Toys for a minute now. The dragon pictured above was actually designed by the owners wife. This dragon is huge and extremely sturdy. At one time during the party there was 4-5 children jumping on it at once. Right now you can save 10% just go here: Dragon Pool Float

This adorable watermelon pool was provided by XFlated. This pool was totally adorable and great for our ball pit. Click below to snag yours. Watermelon Pool

The balls we used in the watermelon pool were from PlayMaty. There was 100 pastel star balls, and 100 blue and white balls. They are super affordable and crush-proof. They have such a wide variety of ball pit balls, check them out below. Solid Color Ball Pit Balls

Our friends at EndlessGoodStuff donated 400 of these huge ball pit balls that we used for the bigger kids’ ball pit. These balls are bigger than average balls and translucent, they come in bags of 100 and the kids love them. Click below to get yours. Huge Ball Pit Balls

The folks at iPremium made it possible to make party favor gift bags for all the kids that came. These toys are amazing, not like most cheap party favors you get. The cars, and bugs you can pull back and they zoom off. Stamps, stickers, maracas, skateboards, and so much more. Almost 400 pieces of fun that all the kids loved. Go ahead and click now. Party Favors


This whole day was amazing and I am so glad I was able to share it with you! Be sure to check out my friends products above for quality made items that are already parent and kid tested and approved.

Have a great week!

One Blessed Momma

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