The Easter Basket

Good Afternoon!

This year is my sons first Easter. I’m very excited to be able to actually have a little one that will be excited about tomorrows celebration. To small children Easter is all about the Easter bunny, Easter eggs, and of course chocolate!! However, I was brought up to know the truth about Easter.

Good Friday which just passed was the day that Jesus gave his life so that we may live. Three days later, He rose. For me tomorrow is more of a Happy Resurrection Day rather than just a Happy Easter! The glorious day when Jesus was no longer in the tomb! The moment that saved us all from drowning in our own sins. What a beautiful day this will be. The media and the stores mostly play to the childrens’ needs to fulfill a fantasy of sorts. Will I let my child believe in the Easter bunny? I’m sure that I will, at least until I believe he’s old enough to understand about Jesus and Jesus’s unconditional love for us!

Well seeings that my son is only 8 months old, candy was definitely out of the question. I would like to share with some of the items I got for my little guy for his first Easter. Oh yeah before I do that I would like to share with you two of the outfits I got for my little guy. He’s gonna be mortified about these pictures when he gets older!!

If you are asking yourself whether or not those are rabbit ears on top of his head, then you my friend are correct in your assumption!! These are the two outfits he’s wearing to grandmas and papas today for their annual Easter egg hunt. He still has another suit that we got for him to wear tomorrow at the family Easter dinner!

I had actually ordered a personalized Easter basket off of Etsy. It was the cutest basket ever and it was filled with toys and candy! I figured me and his daddy could have the candy. I ordered this at the very beginning of April so that I would have it in time. The lady that owned the shop assured me that she sent it out on the 12th. Well as of yesterday I still hadn’t received it, and I get packages from Amazon everyday so I know that no one stole it. I send the shop many, many messages asking what was going on and to no avail. I go back to the website and click on the link to the shop I purchased from and it was no longer there, they had closed their account!! Very saddened that someone would do that to someone. So this morning my wonderful husband walked to the store and bought our baby a different Easter basket. It’s very cute, it actually has this bubble type thing on the handle that when you squeeze it the ears of the bunny go up and down. Think its called the Peep’s Flipeez. Below you’ll find an assortment of the things we got him for his first Easter basket!

Yes as you can see he did get a couple of his gifts early. That’s ok, he’s such a good boy he deserves it. He is spoiled! Then again, I waited 38yrs before I was able to have a child, so I guess I’m just trying to show this little angel that he means the world to me.

Even though he isn’t old enough to color, I decided that egg shaped crayons would just look really cute in his Easter basket. Plus once he is able to color I would rather have him start out with this type of crayon. Especially because right now he is in the “everything must go in my mouth” stage! That’s a whole other story! Which leads me right into the next picture. We got the most adorable raccoon teether, with the clip included. A clip to hold his teethers and/or his binkie is a must, seeings as he believes half the time it belongs on the floor. Starting in the second row I wanted to show a close up of the teethers that came with the bib sets in the picture after. I love this new style of bib, but my problem with that style is that all the ones I purchased before these were way too small. I am guessing they were supposed to be more of an accessory than something that could actually catch food. These bibs are at least 50% bigger than the ones I’ve bought at my local store, and they have 3 different clips in the back for different lengths. My son needs a bib at all times due to the fact he is a drooling monster!! Next 2 pictures are self explanatory, who doesn’t like Paw Patrol? These new water mats have been the talk from some of my mommie friends so we tried it out. He is amazed by it. One of the other things I got him was the Smart Swing Penguin. My little guy loves anything that makes noise. I am trying my hardest to tempt him with toys to learn to crawl, so far without any luck. I also got him a couple rattles and a personalized bunny (not pictured) and I don’t have enough time to go into all the things my husband has gotten him!

I think these options above are some great finds for a baby’s first Easter before we introduce the candy!! I will leave links below in case any of my dear readers would like to get one for their little one, or maybe a grandchild.

I am praying that everyone has a joyous holiday tomorrow! Take a moment and thank the dear Lord Jesus for the ultimate sacrifice!!

Happy Easter & God Bless You All!

One Blessed Momma

Egg Crayons —

Raccoon Teether —

8-Pack Bibs w/Teether —

Paw Patrol Blanket —

Water Mat —

Smart Swing Penguin —


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