So Very Blessed

Good morning all!

This morning I woke up (blessing in itself) to quite a few different emails. These emails were very special to me. When I started this blog I honestly thought it would only reach a couple members of my family. Up until a few days ago, I was correct. Don’t get me wrong I had one fellow blogger follow me! That was an amazing feat for me. I immediately followed her back. BeautyBeyondBones, I would like to personally thank you for being my first follower. Also as your blog posts started popping in my email, I would read them with a new appreciation for the blog world. BeautyBeyondBones is an inspiration to me (and I mean that). Since then I have had a couple trickle in, that is until two days ago. I reached almost 7 people. For most of you bloggers, 7 is maybe a quarter of a percent of your viewers. But 7 to me is encouraging, heartwarming, and such a blessing.

#Blessed by God

As I was reading my fellow bloggers’ posts I realized I was going about the sponsored advertisement thing all wrong. Thank you for showing me that!! I suddenly felt foolish and obnoxious. I mean who wants to read about my views on products and be forced into a hard sale? Silly, silly me!! Like I said I am new to this and trying to learn something everyday. I would like to ask everyone that is following me or just reading this blog post if you have any tips, tricks, or just some great advice, please feel free to comment about it. I take all criticism as a blessing and try to learn from it.

I have been receiving so many blessings from God since I have turned my life around. I feel the need to share His love and blessings with everyone. I consider it a blessing that my blog posts have reached anybody, much less people that actually liked the content. I want to thank each and everyone of you. You guys made my day!!

God Bless You All!

One Blessed Momma


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