Spring Is In The Air!

Good Morning All!

So for most of you out there you are enjoying the warmer weather after a long winter. However, I am not most of you! I live in Western New York, whereas of yesterday there was still snow falling! Gotta love NY! Don’t get me wrong it has warmed up from the negative zeros, and there’s not two to three foot of snow anymore. Spring is actually my very favorite season. The flowers are blooming, the grass is green, it’s not too cold, not too hot, it is just right.

Spring for my family means it’s time to start up the BBQ grills and cook only on them until the first snowfall. Very serious!! Who in the world doesn’t like a big family BBQ? For those that don’t, message me and I’ll give you a great referral to your local psychiatrist because you must be crazy!! I’m a firm believer that it is never to early to plan. With that being said I have already posted our Annual 4th of July BBQ on Facebook! I know, I know, a little overkill on the pre-planning but I like to give people the heads up so they don’t make any other plans.

Fourth of July has always been huge for my family, it is the one time of the year that everyone gets together. And by everyone I mean everyone. My dad has 12 sisters, and my mom has 3 brothers, 3 sisters. This means with all the cousins of mine, and second cousins we end up with hundreds of people. This year (as well as last year) we have rented a pavilion at Midway Park, which isn’t huge but it’s decent size with rides. It also sits right on a lake and they have fireworks that evening.

As it is that I am back into the families good graces, I got elected to be the party planner this year. One of the reasons as to why it’s already posted on Facebook. I have been buying grill brushes, marshmallow roasting sticks (s’mores fanatics), and then I purchased a special balloon set that’s festive. Well I think it’s festive and will help our family find what pavilion we are at. Some family members tell me it looks juvenile. I am going to let my readers be the judge.

I mean really!?!? How cute is this 4th Of July balloon package? I know no one will get lost if they see this cutest festive set up, right? So to all my readers… Too much or Too cute? Leave a comment and help me decide.



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